Holistic Health is not just a buzzword



It means I understand you are a complex human soul and that there is waaaaaaay more to you than your symptoms.

It means you are the product of all the experiences YOU have been through and those have made you, well, uniquely, YOU.  

It means paying attention to the parts of you that aren’t noticed as much as they should be, but, deep-down are screaming for some self-love.  

It means I completely appreciate that body-mind-spirit healing can happen when all of the things that touch your life are invited to the process.  

It means I will offer you many ways to move along your healing journey; yoga, meditation and self-compassion and EMDR just to name a few.




It means I will ask about your lifestyle, how are you sleeping, eating and moving?  Do you feel these are in alignment with what you wish for yourself.  

It means I will talk about your spiritual connection to this world, and how to incorporate self-healing rituals and practices into your daily life.  

It means we will explore different areas that make up your “well-being” and that you feel are holding you back from living your truth.  

  • Dealing with money shit? 
  • Dread going into work?
  • Emotionally checked out? 
  • ZERO energy for no reason
  • Wondering why you can’t just calm down? 
  • Disenchanted with life?
  • Does your ‘big picture’ not feel anything like what you thought your life would be? 

I offer ways to navigate these uncertain waters.

Hi, I’m Krista



I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have the education, training and licensure to provide psychotherapy.  Being that I became a therapist through Social Work means I have a special fondness for social justice and have a feisty advocate inside that isn’t scared to stand up for what’s right.  I know our world is wounded on a systemic level and I feel the collective impact that has on all of us. I deeply understand trauma and its remarkable ability to withstand generations. However, I am also constantly astounded by the human soul and its ability to slay some serious dragons when it commits to doing the work.

I’m a Yoga Teacher and restorative and trauma-conscious yoga are often incorporated into treatment.  I appreciate the practice in physical, mental and spiritual ways. If this is something that fits into your goals, I know we will both grow from our work together.  When done with intention and in a healing capacity, it does wonders for an ‘out-of-whack’ nervous system, it can connect you to a higher power if you wish and can even affect the way you interact with the world around you.  I think it’s really cool shit and I love being a yogi.

I am trained in EMDR, Brainspotting and AEDP  These are powerful and innovative tools for working with trauma, anxiety, imposter syndrome and a host of other areas of distress.  I have experience with these as both a client and therapist and have witnessed amazing healing.  

I used to think I would always be a prisoner to my mental state. Depression, anxiety, unresolved childhood shit… I thought that was my lot in life.  At the same time, I always knew I was destined for something greater and yet, I continued to stay small, struggle, and not see my true power.

I became a therapist for a couple of reasons. 

One, because I KNOW on a cellular level that I am a healer.

Two, so I could understand how to help myself. Seeing behind the therapist “curtain” helped me understand the how’s and why’s of mental health struggles and the means to treat them. 

Finally, I discovered the approach I use because it gets results while aligning with my soul purpose.

And this is what I offer you.


What makes me different?


I feel that most therapy misses the mark because it doesn’t completely align with who you are. There are all types of therapists who specialize in all types of people. The key is finding the right one.  The therapeutic relationship, the one you and I develop together, is an incredibly powerful force, capable of so many great things. I honor and respect both the process and our work together. If you are reading through this and it feels familiar or gives you hope for something different, know that I am here for you.  

 You should also know that I’m a rebel.  I spent some years fighting it, some flaunting it and now I’ve reached the point where it’s such a part of who I am – I adore it.  Hopefully, we found each other because we both have a rebel inside us, so there’s a good chance you understand how difficult it can be to work with.  I can help you understand your rebel side and learn how to work with it.

I also firmly believe there is no right way to be spiritual, and you can connect to this world/planet/universe/“use your own word” in whatever way fits YOU best. I’m here to help you find it while we navigate the pains of your past, move through the dilemmas of your present and bring your hope for the future to reality.

So follow your intuition, if this feels right ,get in touch!  


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